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Plants vs zombies Overview

Plants vs zombies Mod Apk is the online game which is basically a multi player shooter game in which you start planting to defeat the zombies .

It is the franchise developed by pop cap games before it’s acquisition by EA. It is a third person shooter game and it goes as the title says, in contrary you use plants to defeat the zombies and win the game.

What is Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk

Plant v/s zombies Mod Apk is the type of game where you plant to defeat zombies and you get various types of levels from any area and to be honest it is a garden defense but it is taken in a whole different way by the developers to make it even more fun to play with.

You do a little bit of planting for the sake of Garden welfare and those plants defend against the 10 enemies of different classes. There are so many plants with amazing skills like:

  1. The Pea shooter
  2. The chomper
  3. The cactus
  4. The sunflower

And zombies are:

  1. The scientists
  2. The engineer
  3. The all star

plants vs zombies mod menu

What is Plants vs Zombies Hack Apk

If you play this game then you probably must know that this game is not free game like other games as you get 1 hour of trial period after you download this game but if you want to play further then you’ll have to use the premium feature and buy it with $6.99 or more which obviously you wouldn’t want to spend money for so this mod or hack apk has brought the wholesome premium version of this game for free.

Features of plants vs zombies mod apk

Unlimited Coins

coins that you require to play this game and unlock the plants are provided for free and you don’t even have to worry about getting into bad side of the game because of lack of coins as you’ll be provided coins in excess amount.

Unlimited Sun

what’s required for a plant to grow? It’s a obvious question and it’s answer is sun. So sun let’s the plant to grow quickly and what happens when you don’t get enough sun? Obviously the plant will die so in this mod we provide you unlimited sun which can give you longevity in the game and also win it.

All Plants Unlocked

All the plants required to play this game are unlocked and obviously we use plants to defend against the enemies so Plant’s class and skills also matters a lot and sometimes you may get the feeling like, wish I had that plant or something but now don’t worry as you get all the plants unlocked and you can defeat the zombies and enemies easily with those plants.

Unlimited Money

Plants vs Zombies Unlimited Money, The thing that sucks in this game is it’s premium features as this game itself is a premium game which has to be purchased after a trial and many features of this game are premium which has to be updated time to time. And we’ll have to use real money to get those feature but in this mod you don’t have to worry about not getting the premium feature or money as you get everything on free so just play without any worries and enjoy the premium feature to the fullest.

No Root requirement

Device rooting is the main thing that players do when the game doesn’t function properly but We find it a pretty hassle and sure it is cause rooting device to play may further damage your processor and it can be a problem if you get caught doing it and you’ll be banned but in this mod rooting of device is not particularly necessary as you can enjoy the game without rooting as well so just play without any worries.

Unlimited Gems

Plants vs Zombies Mod Unlimited Gems Obviously almost all the multiplayer online games has its main possession i.e. Gems and without it the game becomes so tasteless and boring and here we provide you unlimited gems which means you will get gems in excess amount which is totally inexhaustible and will never be finished no matter how much you use it so don’t worry about the gems as well.

FAQs of Plants vs Zombies

How can I download Plants vs Zombies for free?

You can download plants v/s zombies for free in this site which provides the nodded version of each and every games that you play and also provide you many features which will totally blow your mind and they are always working hard to bring the premium feature to you free of cost.

Can you still get the original Plants vs Zombies?

Yes you can still get the original version of plants vs zombies on the chrome browsers but it may take a lots of effort for you to seek but it’s totally worth it.

Do you have to pay for Plants vs zombies?

Plants vs zombies is a multiplayer online game which allows you to play for 1 hour after downloading and if you want to play further you’ll have to pay $6.99 or more so yeah you have to pay for plants vs zombies

How do you play Plants vs Zombies?

You’re provided series of plants with different skills which you’ll have to use to fight against the zombies and protect the garden welfare.

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