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Hunter Assassin Mod Apk [Unlocked/Diamond, v1.41.1] Android

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Diamond is an assassin game made by gaming studio called Ruby Game Studio. This game has more than one hundred million downloads on play store.  Hunter Assassin is small in size with just  around forty three MB which means you can enjoy this game on even low end devices.

You can play this game as a serial killer by hunting down your enemies. In this game you have to stay hidden at all cost or else you will die. You have to kill your enemies by sneaking up behind their back. Be careful from cars and flashlights as they can reveal your position and get you killed.

In this game you have to go through a complicated irregular network of paths in which it is difficult to find out ones way; also called a maze and kill all your victims by avoiding dangers and traps.

You can earn diamonds by completing missions in this game also unlock a new better hero for yourself. Your own collections of killers and try them in different levels. You can also improve your character by buying new and better weapons for your character.

You have to destroy your targets in stealth and collect as much jewels as you can and complete the mission. Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Diamond is super fun to play but the unwanted ads make it annoying to play this game. Now you do not have to worry about the unwanted ads because in this MOD version there are no any ads.

Hunter Assassin
Hunter Assassin
Developer: Ruby Game Studio
Price: Free+
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  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot
  • Hunter Assassin Screenshot

By using is mod version you can unlock all the characters and weapons as you have unlimited diamond in this mod version. You can also get free unlimited diamonds for you to buy new characters and buy new weapons. This will make it super fun for you to play. You can also enjoy this game offline.

That means you do not need any internet connection to play this game and you can enjoy this game anywhere and anytime. I like Hunter Assassin Hack Apk Unlimited Money and Diamond and it is super fun to play this game. However there are few things that need some adjustments like the lack of different enemies.

I would like it way more if there were different enemies. And the camera movement is pretty bad but this game is very fun to play overall. Plus the too many ads problem is solved in this MOD so you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Hunter Assassin Features

  1. Simple and intuitive action gameplay
  2. A variety of interesting levels with escalating difficulties
  3. Awesome character upgrades for your assassins
  4. Many different challenges and achievements to complete
  5. Amazing bonus levels with incredible rewards
  6. Enjoy the game with or without the Internet
  7. Free to play

You have to control your character and hunt down your enemies one by one. You have to use your environment and shadows to stay hidden from flashlights. Targets with Automatic guns can be around anywhere. You have to stay hidden and attack them in swift and escape without getting spotted. Every target you kill will drop valuable gems for you to collect.

Use these gems to unlock better and faster killer for you. You can take as much time as you need to complete the mission as there is no any time limit, You can take enough time you need to engage and kill your targets, You can see how many targets are left by looking at the upper left side of the screen.

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You should always keep yourself in open pathways so you do not lock yourself in corners and dead end and get yourself spotted and killed. This is a stealth game full of suspension and thrillers. What makes this game better than its competitors is its simplicity and small size.

Every stage of Hunter Assassin Mod Apk will require you to form new strategy to complete it. You can control the player by clicking the destination you want it to go, and then player will automatically go to that destination. For stealth, you need to avoid getting detected. Once you kill a target, other targets will also be detected so this is the time for you to hide.

Because if your player is discovered, it is the end of the game for you because player’s life will be over. Each target will have a gun and flashlight with them. If you enter this boundary they will shoot you to death. That is why you have to take your enemy from back and stay hidden.

You also have to randomly upgrade as soon as you can. Each upgrade will cost you diamonds but the added boost they give is always worth it. You will soon get option for more and more assassins if you unlock more and more assassins. This will give you option to choose from assassins who offer either more speed or assassins with more health. With every level your skills will improve and so will your patience.

How many levels are there is hunter assassin?

There are currently One thousand one hundred and eleven levels in Hunter assassin Hack Apk. Each level is unlocked after completing the current level. The game gets harder with increasing levels and the enemies gets tougher to defeat but you will also get more rewards.

Which country made hunter assassin?

Turkey made hunter assassin.

Can you be an assassin?

Yes, you can be an assassin. You become an assassin the very first time you play the game. Be the assassin and hunt down your targets by being hidden from flash lights.

What are the rules of assassin?

The only rule of assassin is to hunt down targets by being hidden. You should never give your position to enemies or you will get killed. For that you should stay hidden in shadows and attack enemies one by one. Use strategy to attack your target without giving up your position.

How do upgrade my hunter assassin?

You can upgrade your hunter assassin by spending the diamonds you earn from leveling up. You can also buy better guns for your assassin to level up You can unlock new assassin by spending diamonds.  Assassins have different abilities, some assassin have better speed and some have better health.


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