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Introduction of Grammarly keyboard

Grammarly Mod Apk is the Ukrainian app which was initially developed to correct the grammar and for the correction of people’s writing. It uses AI to detect the errors and helps to rectify is as it’s a very good writing assistant. It helps to rectify spelling, grammar, punctuation and other things in the writing .

What is Grammarly Mod Apk

We have seen many people dealing with problems regarding Grammarly app and most non deniable problem is premium features of this app which actually helps us in many ways and obviously it’s not possible to get subscription for everyone as it sure is expensive.

So we brought this modified version to you compiling with all the required things and providing every single in app purchases for free. We provide all the premium features with all the subscriptions for free and without any hassle you can type in English with proper rectification.

Grammarly Premium Apk

Features of Grammarly Premium Apk

As we have promised we provide many amazing features in this mod and some of them are listed below:

Premium features Unlocked

Since grammar is very important while writing something and we cannot afford making any mistakes, people use Grammarly Mod Apk and spend money for premium features but in this mod we provide all the premium features unlocked and for free so that you won’t have to spend any cent to buy premium feature to improve your writing as it will be available for free.

 No Need to Login

One of the hassle about Grammarly Mod Apk is that it requires or asks you to login before doing anything so now you won’t have to worry about anything and use it without any premium features as well and also you won’t have to login in this modified version of this app.

Advanced score correction

You’ll get advance score correction which will definitely help you in making progress and learning very quickly.

Easy to configure

This mod version is very easy to configure unlike the other original version of this app and obviously it’s for your own easiness.

Light and dark themes

If you’re used to dark theme then don’t worry cause you’ll get both dark and light theme in this mod which will help you to read without any irritation in your eyes.

Personal dictionary

you’ll also get the features of personal dictionary which will help you to store your favorite words And also the sentences or verses in the dictionary.

No Ads

Ads while learning is similar to disturbance when you are taking class and obviously you wouldn’t want that and in this mod we get rid of all the disturbing ads so that you can study without any worries.

Highlights of Grammarly Premium Apk

There are some highlights of Grammarly premium apk which are as follows:

  • It provides ultimate Grammar Checker allowing you to rectify your grammar instantly
  • It will provide you built in keyboard to make your writing even Better and easily accessible.
  • Grammar and your spelling will be checked and rectified instantly.
  • The most amazing function would be the punctuation error rectifier as you’ll be notified where your Punctuation went wrong and will help you rectify as well as provides the synonymous for the words which will make your literature better.

Tips and Tricks for get Grammarly Premium Features

There are few tricks and tips to get this premium features for free and it is that you have to download the apk from the trusted source i.e. and following the proper procedures.

  1. Delete or uninstall the existing apk from your device
  2. Search on your chrome browser
  3. Search for Grammarly mod
  4. Download the zip file
  5. Go to settings and then allow unknown sources
  6. Install from the apk file that you just downloaded from our site.

 FAQ’s of Grammarly Apk

 Is Grammarly for free?

Grammarly is free to download from the Google Play Store but you might need premium features in the app for better features and proper functioning.

Why you should not use Grammarly?

Here’s the thing about Grammarly. It is an app designed to correct your mistakes especially, grammar, punctuation and other errors but if you rely on it then it sure can degrade your studies and it’ll slow down your learning process so you should not use Grammarly.

Is Grammarly bad for students?

Grammarly can be both bad and good for students based on how they use this app and if they take it for learning then it’s good or else it sure can be bad and unsafe.

Do teachers use Grammarly?

Yes, even teachers can use Grammarly cause not everyone is perfect so if they have got some issues over their writing then they can also use Grammarly.

 Do high schools allow Grammarly?

High schools do not allow Grammarly as it affects the study of the student if they start to rely on it for writing but if it’s about learning then students sure can use Grammarly in high school.


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