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Carrom Pool Mod Unlimited Coins & Gems For Android

Carrom Pool Mod Apk For people who already skills to play carrom disk pool mod, this game would be a breeze. except for beginners searching for a brand new work surface game.

This might would like a touch little bit of explaining. Carrom employs almost the same tactics as billiards.

You’ll get to shoot balls within the holes – in this case, they’re called discs. however, in contrast to table games, up to four players will participate during a Carrom match.

Also, a player will solely shoot the main disc in a selected place in the table. Also, you ought to solely shoot the discs that you just got to type with a special color or pattern from others to tell apart it.

Carrom Pool: Disc Game
Carrom Pool: Disc Game
Price: Free+
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
  • Carrom Pool: Disc Game Screenshot
Game Name Carrom Pool Mod Apk
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Size 39 MB
Requirement Android 4.4 and up
Root Requirement No
Get on google-play

If you mistakenly shoot the opposite player’s discs into the outlet, then they get that corresponding score too. That’s why this game wants you to be precise and strategic within the manner you shoot the discs

The first person to shoot all his discs into the outlet wins! In the carrom disk pool mod, you’ll bet an exact variety of coins and you’ll win it all if you win the sport.

This makes the matches such a lot additional exciting as a result of you’re taking part in against real individuals in real-time! to seek out additional concerning this game, read on.

Carrom Pool Gameplay

However, there’ll be loads of variations with a standard table. In which, the four corners are going to be four holes. Besides, there’ll be four bars close to the four sides of the table in order that the player will move the Strikers.

You are doing not ought to shoot indiscriminately however there should be techniques. you would like to shoot the items of an equivalent color that the match needs.

The player World Health Organization shoots all the troops into the outlet 1st is going to be the winner.

In addition, the carrom disk pool mod can like the correct manipulation and management from the players. In which, you furthermore may like loads of alignment and a stroke of touch luck.

Gamers will use the scroll bar at an all-time low of the screen to maneuver the Strikers. you’ll solely move inside a particular distance.

You would like to aim within the right direction wherever you would like to shoot to bring alternative troops into the outlet. Carrom Pool follows a sensible physics of collisions, therefore, you’ll simply grasp their movement.

Carrom Pool Hack

Currently, Carrom Pool hack offers 3 main game modes together with Play Carrom Disc Pool Mod, Play Carrom, and Practice Mode. every one of them can have a little range of fascinating points that you simply will refer to below:

Play Disc Pool

This is often the foremost ancient mode with several far-famed venues like Paris, Delhi, London, Dubai, urban center, or big apple. every player has to bet a particular quantity of cash before enjoying it.

Completely different} location can represent different bet levels which will be greatly exaggerated.

Play Carrom

This mode is comparable to the Play Carrom Disc Pool mod apk on the way to play and bet. However, there’ll be a little modification within the game.

A red unit is going to be more to the present table. you bear in mind that otherwise you’ll be overtaken by your opponent.

Practice Mode

This mode can facilitate new players to follow and obtain accustomed to the sport. there’ll be two modes for you to practice and improve your skills. you’ll contend directly with good.

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Carrom Pool Mod Apk Features

Carrom Pool Mod apk could be a terribly straightforward nonetheless amusing game beloved by several. It’s a table prime game that principally competes indoors in West Pakistan, Nepal.

The Republic of India, and alternative countries. however, during this game, it’s competing worldwide. Here are the options of the Carrom Disk Pool Mod Apk:


There’s nothing a lot of fun than having the ability to play against your friends or family in spite of wherever they’re. In Carrom Pool, you’ll be able to play with up to four individuals at a time thus it’s a lot of inclusive than a table game.

On the prime of that, if you would like to check your skills against the best within the world, you’ll be able to freely do this within the multiplayer mode.

You’ll be able to attempt your luck and challenge prime players from around the world to ascertain however you’d fare. use caution although, you may lose tons of cash if you lose. thus do your best out there!

HD Graphics

Albeit this can be simply an easy work surface game, the graphics and therefore the physics ar highly-realistic.

There isn’t any unhealthy factor to mention with Carrom Pool because the developers managed to make such a functioning and exciting game to pay deference to an awfully fun sport.

The good factor concerning hanging is that you simply will see some dotted lines on wherever your striker can hit.

This may assist you minister shots that may sure as shooting strike a note run. Overall, the graphics in addition to the realistic sound effects bring awfully special gameplay.

Smooth controls

The controls in Carrom Pool are intuitive and straightforward. you only have to be compelled to aim and choose the speed to that you would like the striker to strike.

The controls are sleek and you won’t feel any lag once you strike unless you’ve got terribly unhealthy net affiliation.

The controls permit you to attain some pucks while not abundant problems as a result of the physics are realistic.

Strikers and pucks

In the carrom disk pool mod, you’ll be able to choose from a good vary of strikers and pucks to play with. They don’t offer you a special boost within the game however they appear impressive to play with.

However, you would like cash to unlock all thus take care to win games 1st so you’ll be able to collect all.


During this game, you’ll be able to additionally upgrade your strikers for a lot of benefits throughout a game. however, they need cash thus you would like to win these matches 1st to be ready to do so.

However, the nice factor is that this offers you a lot of motivation to win matches since you’ll be able to upgrade your strikers to seem the best.

Offline mode

not like alternative games, they’ll have multiplayer capabilities however they don’t permit you to play while not net affiliation.

And that’s a bummer as a result of you can’t relish your games if you don’t have access to the net, particularly in far-flung places.

With Carrom Pool but, you’ll be able to freely relish the sport enjoying against AI. though you can’t play with real players while not a web affiliation, the sport still permits you to relish it even in offline mode.

Game modes

In Carrom Pool, there are 2 game modes to enjoy: Carrom and disc pool mode. This permits you to have a lot of fun once you’re tired of the classic game mode.

Also, with these modes, you’ll be able to have a lot of modes to play together with your friends!

Carrom Pool FAQs

If you’re still searching for an easy answer to urge free resources, Carrom Pool hack might interest you. With Carrom Pool cheats player will get the maximum amount of gems and coins as he wants.

This simple Carrom Pool mod apk has been designed for easy use. No ROOT or escape needed.

Which striker is best in the carrom disc pool?

Carrom Pool | first player to shop for twister striker | Eby Roy

Who wins in carrom?

The player WHO succeeds in pocketing queen gets three points to his score as per the foundations of the International carrom federation.

Carrom men – referred to as seeds, coins, pucks, and pawns, ar products of wood or plastic. they’re alleged to be pocketed by players, and WHO procures all his color coins, wins the sport of carrom.

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