Download BitLife Mod Apk Unlocked Bitizenship 2.8.2

Bitlife Mod Apk is a life stimulator in which you are born and you model yourself in that way in the game so that it makes you a model and a perfect citizen of the game. It uses realistically portrayed life which you’re going to mould into something better and amazing.

Bitlife is mostly suitable for the people of age group 16+ as it also contains explicit contents and it is not suitable for people who doesn’t understand what sex exactly is and more about it. This game should only be played by the mature people.

This game allows you to seek for happiness love and everything that is required for your life. It is designed in such a way that it uses realism to live another life.

What is Bitlife Mod Apk

Bitlife mod apk is the modified version of this game which provides you all the premium features for free and getting rid of all those disturbing ads and allowing you to play as smoothly as a person with Bitizenship does without any subscriptions.

We provide you subscriptions for the Bitizenship and also god mode which you can use In order to change the nicknames and looks and overall appearance of the another person and you can make your life better and happier in there.

This modified version might be one of the best option for you to download if you’re looking for a mod with complete amazing features. This mod not only lets you to have the amazing game play but also gives you happiness and god mode along with the immortality in the game which obviously is the awesome and tempting feature of this game.

Features of Bitlife Mod Apk

There are many features that have been made available with this mod but there are some highlighted features that cannot be ignored at all and it provides you all the amazing gameplay that you can ever get. Those features are:

No Ads

What if you get something disturbing when you’re trying to do something good? Obviously you would be disturbed right? That’s what happens when you are in Bitlife and you get disturbing ads which totally disturbs you cause we all hate all those annoying ads popping out of nowhere and making it uneasy for you to play we here we provide you this game for free without any ads and disturbances.

Unlock VIP features

Access to pet stores, special pets: Having pets is awesome and In Bitlife just in order to get that pets you’ll have to grind for so long but in this mod not only you’ll be provided the pet store access but also special pets for you to keep which obviously is awesome and you can even flex about it.

Bitizen icons & features only for Bitizen

You’ll be provided Bitizen icons for free and not only that you can get all the features only for Bitizen for free without having to Bitizen so you can easily handle everything in Bitlife easily with the help of this mod.

FAQ’s Bitizen Mod

Can you become a Bitizen for free?

No you cannot become the Bitizen for free but in this mod we provide you all the features that Bitizens are provided for free and without having to be Bitizen.

What does BitLife God mode do?

God mode in bitlife lets you change the nicknames, looks and overall everything about others and it requires bitizenship in order to do so.

How do I get free God mode on BitLife?

To get god mode you’ll need to have bitizenship and it’s kind of expensive as it costs $2.8+ for one time subscription but if you need the god mode for free in bitlife then you’ll have to download the modified version of this game from the trusted sites. That can be

How do I live forever in BitLife?

Living forever or immortality in this game can be gained by spending more time with your loved ones and having fun with them and family also should be included and you have to increase your happiness in order to live forever.

Is God Mode permanent BitLife?

No god mode is not permanent bitlife as it needs subscription and one time subscription lasts only for few time and you’ll have to keep taking subscriptions time to time.


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