Top 10 Best Pokemon Fan Games That Ever Made

One of the famous Fan made Game: Pokemon Insurgence

What is Pokemon Insurgence?

Best Pokemon Insurgence is a game based on Pokemon, a popular cartoon series. On Cartoon Network, this cartoon is still shown. This is simply a game made by a fan. You’ll enjoy playing this game if you’re a fan of the Pokemon cartoon series.

How many Characters have this game?

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It is possible to split the characters in this game into three parts. These are, uh, those are-


There are two characters in this chapter. One is Damian, a young boy who would like to be a trainer for Best Pokemon. In this game, he’ll be your first pal.

And the second is Nora, a talented young coach. She is one of the Legendary Pixie Celebi’s partners. She’s going to tell you the Pixie Pokémon story.

Cult Leaders:

There are five characters in this segment and each of them is a different cult leader.

  1. Renuka: He is perfection’s master.
  2. Persephone: She is the leader of Darkrai’s cult.
  • Audrey: She’s the Abyssal Cult leader.
  1. Zenith: Infernal Cult Master.
  2. Jaern: He’s the Sky Cult ‘s Leader. He ‘s known as the region ‘s best Pokémon trainer.

Gym Leaders:

There are eight characters in this segment, and they are the leaders of various cities and towns.

a)  Orion

He is Suntouched City’s gym leader. He’s a mysterious white rock mate, too.

b)  Xavier

He is the gym leader of Vipik City.

c)  East

He is Helios City’s gym leader. Even, he is an ally of Jaern.

d)  Harmony

She is the gym leader of Sonata City.

e)  Anastasia

She is the gym leader of Kepler City.

f) Diana

She is the gym leader of Selene City. Even she is the girlfriend of Calreath.

g) Calreath

He is the gym leader of Amphitrite City.

h) Adam

He is the gym leader of Gaea Town. Not only this, He is the First Augur.

This game has more characters such as Professor Sylvan, Teen, And Gail.

Is the Pokemon insurgence complete?

Yeah, yes, this game is completely complete. All the glitches have been patched and you can get all types of Pokemon as well.

Can I play this on my mobile?

I’m so sorry to say that you can’t play this game on your cell phone. The game can be played on your PC.

Am I able to play offline?

No, this game can not be played offline. To play this game, you will need an internet connection to download the game.

How can I download this game?

You need to download the game to play this game first. In this scenario, visit Near File first. After clicking on Pokemon Insurgence Download, check for “Pokemon Insurgency Download” and it will start downloading automatically.

You can then install the game and enjoy it. You should join in the dispute to play with friends. You can also get support from Wiki Fandom.

The Compensation

You can have a real Best Pokemon experience as a trainer playing this game. As a fan of the Pokemon cartoon series, you’ll love to play it. Don’t hesitate to discuss differences with your peers.

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